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What's New For a list of new features and enhancements in this release of Deployment Automation, see What's New.
Install Deployment Automation To install Deployment Automation, follow the instructions in Install and upgrade.
Upgrade Deployment Automation

To upgrade to the latest Deployment Automation version:

  1. Back up your current server.
  2. Follow the upgrade instructions in Upgrade servers.

To upgrade agent relays, see Upgrade agent relays.

To upgrade agents and JREs, see Upgrade agents.

Support Matrix For system requirements, recommended configurations, and supported platforms, see the Support Matrix.

For a list of integrations with other OpenText products, see Integrations.

For details about integrations provided by Deployment Automation, see the following sections:

Plugins overview

Integrations overview

Third-party licenses For details about third-party software copyrights and license information, see the Attribution report.
Known issues For a list of known issues and workarounds, see the Known issues.
Defect fixes For defect fixes included in Deployment Automation releases, see the Knowledge Base.