What's new in 6.4

This topic describes the new features and enhancements available in Deployment Automation 6.4.

Component integrators

Deployment Automation 6.4 introduces a new system component called the component integrator, which is a standalone web server designed for importing component versions and downloading artifacts from external sources.

By using component integrators, you can:

  • Import versions through component integrator machines instead of the server repository, CodeStation.

  • Download and store artifacts on component integrator machines, taking the load off the server and improving server performance.

Install multiple component integrators, group them into pools, and assign pools to components. By deploying a network of component integrators across different locations, you can control access to artifacts based on a geographical area.

For details, see Manage component integrators.

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Installation and upgrade

This release introduces the following changes and enhancements in installation and upgrade:

Common Tools To reflect that Micro Focus is now OpenText, Micro Focus Common Tools are renamed into OpenText Common Tools.
Installers for Windows

The server installer for Windows is wrapped in a self-extracting executable file that contains both the server and the Common Tools installers.

For details about upgrading your Windows installation, see Upgrade servers.

The agent installer is also wrapped in a self-extracting executable file. For details, see Install agents.

Component integrator installer

Install component integrators to optimize your Deployment Automation environment. Installers are available for Windows and UNIX/Linux.

For details, see Install component integrators.

Upgrade from version 6.2.3 or earlier

To upgrade from version 6.2.3 or earlier, first upgrade to version 6.3.0.

For details, see Before you upgrade.

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Usability and UI enhancements

This release provides the following user interface updates and usability enhancements:

Enhancement Description
Updated UI

The user interface is updated to reflect that Micro Focus is now OpenText.

For details, see User interface.

Deployment history for component versions

You can now view the deployment history of a component version. Deployment Automation keeps information about component process requests that ran with the component version.

To view deployment history, open the component version and select the Deployment History tab.

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Security enhancements

The following enhancements improve the security of your installation in this release:

Enhancement Description
More secure TLS protocols

By default, Deployment Automation allows the use of TLSv1.2, TLSv1.1, and TLSv1 protocols.

We recommend that you make your system communication more secure by allowing TLSv1.3 and TLSv1.2 only. For details, see Upgrade server configuration.

Subversion plugin

The Subversion plugin is upgraded to use updated third-party libraries.

For details about plugins, see Supported plugins.

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Fixed issues

The following issues were resolved in this release:

ID Summary
OCTD42M537022 Passwordless SSH impersonation: For agents running on UNIX/Linux, you can now set up passwordless SSH impersonation using OpenSSH 8.0p1.
OCTD42M544019 Agent environment variables: When an agent is started as a Windows service, Deployment Automation can now pick up the changes to the agent's system environment variables, such as PATH and PWD.

FileUtils plugin:

  • The Flip File Endings step can now correctly detect the Shift JIS encoding.

  • To avoid potential issues with converting end-of-line (EOL) characters in non-Unicode files, use the new Normalize EOL Symbols step instead of the Flip File Endings step.

    The Normalize EOL Symbols step provides the following line break options: OS, Windows (CRLF), UNIX (LF), and old Mac (CR).

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