Dimensions RM integration

The Dimensions CM–RM integration enables you to associate Dimensions RM requirements to Dimensions CM requests.

Note: The integration with Dimensions RM doesn't support external requests.

Using this integration, you can:

  • Manage Dimensions RM requirements in Dimensions CM.
  • Manage Dimensions CM requests in Dimensions RM.

Example: When you add a requirement to, or remove a requirement from, a Dimensions RM container of type baseline or collection, Dimensions CM is notified with the relevant information. Also, Dimensions RM baselines flow to Dimensions CM, and Dimensions CM baselines flow to Dimensions RM.

The CM–RM integration is implemented at low level as follows (you do not need to access any of these APIs to use the integration):

  • Dimensions CM calls Dimensions RM web services.

  • Dimensions RM calls Dimensions CM API and "pcms" API.

To set up the integration between Dimensions CM and Dimensions RM, see the following topics:

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