What's new in 14.5.1

Dimensions CM 14.5.1 contains the following features and enhancements:


What's new in Pulse 19.2

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External request system support

Support for Micro Focus ALM Octane as an External Request Provider that enables you to:

  • Map ALM Octane workspaces to Dimensions CM products.
  • List ALM Octane inbox requests in Dimensions CM clients.
  • Relate ALM Octane requests to items, projects, and baselines.
  • View relationships in the desktop client.
  • Revise baselines with ALM Octane requests.

  • Merge ALM Octane requests across streams.

Additional features:

  • Support for ALM Octane requests in Pulse including pull requests and reviews.
  • REST API for ALM Octane requests.
  • ALM Octane support in IDEs including IntelliJ IDEA (via the Git Client integration).

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Administration console security enhancements

Access to the Dimensions CM administration console is now restricted to users with administration privileges. To disable this behavior edit:


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REST services enhancements

REST services now support pagination, sorting, and pattern match filtering for requests, streams and projects, baselines, design parts, and users.

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