Assign other grant rules

When you want to assign other grant rules, the Grant Roles to Privilege / Grant Privileges to Role dialog box opens.

Assign a privilege to one or more roles so that the holders of the role(s) are granted the selected privilege under the conditions specified by the rule.

Field Description
Category (Display only) Specifies the object class or administrative area to which the privilege applies.
Role Grant Privileges to Role: (Display only) Specifies the role for which the privilege is being granted.
Privilege Grant Roles to Privilege: (Display only) Specifies the function or operation that the privilege allows.
Rule (Display only) Specifies the rule under which the privilege is to be assigned.


(Display only) Specifies the product to which this rule applies.

By default, your current product is selected.

Available roles/privileges to grant

The list of available roles or privileges from the base database.

To assign one or more roles or privileges, move them from the Available list to the Granted list.

Granted roles/privileges

The list of granted roles or privileges.

To remove one or more roles or privileges, select them in the Granted list and move it back to the Available list.

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