Create a baseline template

Create a baseline template to specify which items to include in a baseline. To create baseline templates, you need the Manage Baseline and Release Templates privilege.

To create a baseline template:

  1. In the Administration Console, go to Product Administration > Baseline & release templates > Baseline templates.

  2. To create a template from scratch, click New on the toolbar. The New Baseline Template dialog box.

    To create a template based on an existing template, select the source template in the navigation pane, and click Copy on the toolbar. The Copy Baseline Template dialog box opens.

  3. Specify the following template details:

    Field Description
    Template ID Enter a unique name that identifies the template, up to 25 characters long.
    Scope If you are creating a new baseline from scratch, specify whether the baseline template is based on items or requests.
  4. Click OK.

After creating the template, define its selection criteria. For details, see Define selection criteria for baseline or release templates.

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