Grant/Deny Groups dialog box

The Grant/Deny Users dialog box allows you to either grant or deny the selected privilege to one or more groups.

In the Grant Groups or Deny Groups dialog box, grant or deny the selected privilege to one or more groups.

Field Description
Category (Display only) Specifies the object class or administrative area to which the privilege applies.
Privilege (Display only) Specifies the function or operation that the privilege allows
Product (Display only) Specifies the product for which this rule applies. By default, applies to your current product.
Scope to

For deployment-related privileges, you can set the scope of the privilege:

  • Project/stream. Select a project or stream for which to apply the privilege, or use the browse button to select the project or stream.

  • Stage. Select the deployment stage at which the privilege applies to the selected project/stream.

  • Deployment Area(s). If the privilege relates to deployment or rollback, specify the deployment area(s) for the selected project/stream to which the privilege applies.

Available Groups to Grant/Deny

Specifies the list of available user groups.

To grant or deny a privilege, select groups and move them to the Granted/Denied Groups list. CTRL+click or SHIFT+click to select multiple groups.

Granted/ Denied Groups

Specifies the list of groups to which this privilege is currently granted/denied.

To remove groups from the granted/denied list, select them and move to the Available Groups list.

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