New/Edit User Report Definition dialog box

In the New User Report Definition dialog box, define a new user report.

In the Edit User Report Definition dialog box, change the details of a user report definition.

Field Description

Enter a name for the report, up to 25 characters long.

When editing a report definition, you cannot change the name.

Op System

Select the operating system of the Dimensions CM server machine on which the report runs.

Only those reports that are valid for the selected operating system are available for running.

When editing a report definition, you cannot change the operating system.


Select the Dimensions CM functional area in which users can access the report:

  • All Scopes (default). Accessible from the change management, design part, and version management functional areas.

  • Change Management. Accessible from the change management area only.

  • Design Part. Accessible from the design part area only.

  • Version Management. Accessible from the version management area only.


(Optional) Enter a description of the report, up to 240 characters long.

The description is displayed in the Administration Console when you view the report definition.

Param 2
Param 8

(Optional) Enter the prompts to be displayed to a user when running the RUR command in interactive mode. Use up to 15 characters for each parameter.

If you define a parameter, and the user chooses not to supply a value, the parameter is passed as an empty string.

You can specify up to seven parameters. Leave all unused parameters empty and make sure that they follow after the defined parameters. For example, to specify four parameters, enter values for parameters 2–5 and leave parameters 6–8 empty.

Note: Parameter 1 is reserved by Dimensions CM and specifies the product ID or range of products for the report.

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