New Role Assignment dialog box

In the New Role Assignment dialog box, assign a role to a user or group.

Field Description

Assignment Type

Select the role assignment type.

To grant the role assignment, the Real type is selected by default.

Select Delegation Candidate to require individual users to be delegated the role for specific items or requests. This means that the object cannot be actioned to the from state for a transition if a user has not been delegated the required role for the transition.

Product Name (Display only) Specifies the product to which the role assignment applies.
User or group Select a user or group to assign to a role, unless you already selected one or more users/groups earlier.
Project Role Select a role to assign, unless you already selected one earlier.

Design Part

Specify the design part to which to assign the role, unless you already selected one earlier.

Enter the design part ID or click the browse button and select a design part.

The identified Dimensions CM users become responsible for the actions of the specified role. These users can also act on subordinate design parts, unless a different user is assigned the same role at a lower level.


(Optional) Specify the design part variant to which to assign the role.

Leave empty to apply the role to all variants of the design part, except those that have an explicit role assignment.

Role Capability

Select the level of responsibility that can be assigned to the users within the role:

  • Primary. Assign this capability to the user whom you want to have the main responsibility for the role on the object. You can define only one Primary user for a role.

    The user with the Primary role capability cannot have the Leader capability, as they are mutually exclusive.

  • (Default) Secondary. Assign this capability to users to be deputies for the Primary. They have the same privileges as the Primary, and can add action comments and update the object, unless the Leader capability has been assigned .

  • Leader. In a group of users who have the same role for an object, only the Leader can update the associated attributes and action the object. Other users with that role can only add action descriptions or user comments.

    The Primary role capability cannot be assigned to the user holding the Leader role.

Project ID

Items only: (Optional) Select the project/stream to which to assign the role.

Leave empty to apply the role to all project/streams, except those that have an explicit role assignment.


(Optional) Select this option to generate an on-screen "what-if" report that explains the potential result of the role assignment without applying the role assignment.

This option helps administrators understand the impact of assigning a role.

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