New User dialog box

In the New User dialog box, specify the details for a new normal user account.

On the General tab, enter the following user details. After that, you can switch to the Attributes tab to provide values for any required user-defined attributes.

Field Description
User ID

Enter the username of the new user account, up to 64 characters long.

To reactivate a dormant user, enter the user ID of the dormant user.

Default project/stream Enter the ID of the project/stream to set as the default for the user.
Full name (Optional) Enter the full name of the user, up to 50 characters long.
Telephone (Optional) Enter the user's phone number, up to 25 characters long.
Group ID (Optional) Enter the user's group ID, up to 25 characters long. For example, Testing.
Site (Optional) Enter the user's site, up to 25 characters long. For example, Head Office, or New York.
Department (Optional) Enter the user's department, up to 10 characters long. For example, R&D.

(Optional) Enter the user's email address. Dimensions CM uses this address for sending emails to the user.

Authorize auto-login (Optional) Select to enable automatic login for Windows clients.

Groups to assign

Specify any groups in which to include the user.

To assign groups, click the browse button. In the Select Group dialog box, move the relevant groups from the Available Groups list to Groups to Assign, and click OK.

Or you can enter the group IDs as a comma-separated list.

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