User Filter dialog box

In the User Filter dialog box, specify the criteria for filtering the list of users displayed in the content pane.

You can use the following wildcards:

Underscore (_) Matches exactly one character. For example, d_g matches dog or dig.
Asterisk (*) or percent sign (%) Matches any number of characters. For example, d%g matches dog,  drag, or dreaming.
Field Description
ID Enter the username for the Dimensions CM user account. Leave empty to indicate any user.
Full User Name Enter the full name of the Dimensions CM user.
Telephone No. Enter the user's telephone number.
Department Enter the user's department.

Group Id

Enter the user's group ID. For example, Testing.

Note: This type of group is different from the one used to determine privileges.

Site Enter the user's site. For example, Head Office, or New York.
Email Enter the user's email address.
Reset Filter Click to clear all filters.

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