Item content encryption

All Dimensions CM commands between the clients and the database server are encrypted. This enhances Dimensions CM security for all commands and particularly any command that contains passwords such as AUTH or CA.

You can also encrypt item contents as they are moved around the network using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol. This is particularly important in high-security environments. For details about using SSL, see Administration.

Note: If the Dimensions CM listener is started with Secure Sockets Layer (-ssl) defined in listener.dat, all Dimensions CM clients connecting to the listener will use SSL mode. All dmlibsrv processes spawned by the listener will also use SSL mode. But any connections from dmappsrv or dmlibsrv processes on this node to dmappsrv or dmlibsrv processes on other nodes are unencrypted unless the other node’s listener is also in SSL mode.

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