Optimize the web client

Use these recommendations to optimize performance of the Dimensions CM web client.

General recommendations

The web client connects only to the Dimensions CM server and does not connect to a library cache area.

To optimize performance for web client users:

  • Locate the web server and the Dimensions CM server on the same fast LAN.

  • If web client users experience problems downloading a large project, they should download separate parts and subfolders of the project, rather than the whole project at one time.

  • Optimize memory setup for OpenText Common Tomcat, as described next.

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Optimize Tomcat memory setup

If multiple developers are using the web client, you can improve performance by modifying the memory size setup for Tomcat. If only a few users are using the web client an improvement in performance is unlikely.

You can optimize the memory setup for Tomcat by modifying the following Java command-line argument values for the initial heap size and maximum heap size:

Command-line argument Description
-Xms Initial heap size. Default size: 2048M.
-Xmx Maximum heap size. Default size: 4096M.

To change the Tomcat maximum memory size on Windows:

  1. Open a command prompt and run the following command. Edit the command depending on your Tomcat installation location.

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    "C:\Program Files\OpenText\common\tomcat\9.0\bin\tomcat9w.exe" //ES//OpenTextTomcat

    The OpenText Tomcat Properties dialog box opens.

  1. Select the Java tab.

  1. In the Maximum Memory Pool field, enter a value, and click OK.

  1. Restart the OpenText Tomcat Service.

To change the Tomcat maximum memory size on UNIX:

  1. Open this file:


  2. Find the line CATALINA_OPTS=... and modify its value, for example:

    • Increase the value of -Xmx if your system can support that memory size.

    • Reduce the value if you are not using the web client.

  1. Save and close the file.

  2. Restart Tomcat using the shutdown.sh and startup.sh scripts.

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