Replicate repositories

For most customers, replicating repositories may not be the most suitable option. However, if you have high latency and/or security concerns, consider using Dimensions CM Replicator.

Dimensions CM Replicator enables you to replicate data from one site to another to provide high-speed local access to users at each site.

Replicator supports remote and distributed development of items, baselines, and Dimensions CM requests by enabling teams of developers, located at different geographical locations, to work in parallel on the same project files while accessing their own local Dimensions CM repository.

You can configure Replicator to operate across a network between a primary base database and a number of replica base databases. Users can then work on items, baselines, and requests, and a replication can be run to synchronize the updated objects between the databases.

The following replication options are available:

  • Online replication.

  • Offline (air-gap) replication, which works by downloading the data at one site, physically transferring this data to another site, and uploading it to a base database at that site.

You can use these options in read-only mode.

Note: Dimensions CM Replicator requires a separate license.

For details about using Replicator, see Administration.

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