Server configurations

Dimensions CM supports a wide variety of configurations. This section describes some common configurations.

Standalone server

In a standalone server configuration, the components from the business logic, database and storage tiers are hosted on a single physical server machine. This configuration works well if you have a small user community or a powerful server machine.

For details on how to scale a single server configuration, see Vertical scaling.

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Multiple servers

In a multiple server configuration, the database and server are on separate physical machines. This spreads the CPU and RAM requirements of the server components across the machines and improves performance and scalability.

For details on how to scale a multiple server configuration, see Horizontal scaling.

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Distributed environments

In a distributed configuration, Dimensions CM users are dispersed across multiple sites.

In the following diagram, users in Bangalore and London connect to a central Dimensions CM server located in New York. Dimensions CM agents are installed on the remote locations and act as item library caches.

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