Deliver changes in Eclipse

If your team uses streams, use the deliver operation to commit changes from your workspace to a stream in a Dimensions CM repository. You can undo the changes, if needed.

Deliver changes to a stream

The deliver operation supports only commits.

Tip: If there are conflicting changes, use Team > Update, or update directly from the view.

To deliver changes to a stream:

  1. In Package Explorer, right-click a stream and select Team > Deliver. The Commit wizard opens.

  2. On the Commit Changes to Repository page, select the resources to deliver, and click Next.

  3. On the Relate Requests page, select change requests from your inbox or favorites. Click Next.

  4. On the Item Attributes page, select attributes for the revisions you are delivering.

  5. Click Finish.

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Undo changes in a stream or project

You can roll back file delivery to a stream or project, for example, when you delivered changes but then discovered problems in the code and decided to remove the changes.

The undo operation creates a changeset with the reverted changes that preserves the full history.

Guidelines and behaviors:

  • Requires the same privileges as the deliver operation.

  • Undoes an entire changeset, not individual item revisions.

  • Can undo only a single changeset.

  • The original request relationships are not undone.

  • Makes changes only in a repository and does not affect work area items.

  • After completing an undo, run an update to synchronize your work area with the repository.

  • You can run undo at any location, as long as the changeset does not affect items further up the hierarchy.

  • If items in a changeset have more recent changes in a newer changeset, you cannot undo it.

Example: Assume that changeset 14 has this item revision: f.txt revision #2

And that changeset 13 has the previous version of the same item: f.txt revision #1

If you undo changeset 14, the revision in changeset 13 becomes the tip revision, and a new changeset, 15, is created with the change: f.txt revision #1.

To undo delivered changes:

  1. Do one of the following:

    Dimensions CM Explorer To view changes for an entire stream or project, right-click a stream or project, and select Changesets.
    Package Explorer
    • To view changes for an entire stream or project, right-click the root of a Java project and select Team > Changesets.

    • To view changes only for a subfolder, right-click the subfolder, and select Team > Changesets.

  1. In the Changesets dialog box, right-click a changeset and select Undo Stream/Project Version.

  2. (Optional) Select requests to relate to the change and add a comment.

  3. Click OK.

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