Manage attachments for Dimensions CM requests

You can work with attachments for Dimensions CM requests in the Eclipse IDE. Browse the contents of the attachments, save copies to your local working area, and add or delete attachments to your request.

To manage a request's attachments:

  1. Double-click a Dimensions CM request.

  2. In the request editor, select the Attachments tab.

  3. Choose from the following actions:

    Action Description
    Change the description of an attachment. Double-click the attachment's Description field and enter the new description.
    Browse an attached file. Select the file's row and click Browse. The file opens in the default application for the file type. The application is defined on your operating system.
    Remove an attachment. Select the attachment's row and click Delete.
    Add an attachment. Click Add and enter the details in the New Attachment dialog box. For File Name, enter the full path and file name of the file to attach. For Attach As, enter the name under which the file to be stored in Dimensions CM.
    Save a copy of an attachment to your local working area. Select the attachment's row, and click Save. Navigate to a folder, and click Save in the Save As dialog box.
  1. Press CTRL+S to save the changes.

If you close the request editor or exit Eclipse without saving, Eclipse prompts you to save the changes. Select the requests you want to save.

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