Merge projects in Eclipse

Note: The Eclipse integration uses the Eclipse merge tool to merge projects. Because the Eclipse merge tool does not support refactoring, we do not recommend using it with Dimensions CM projects. For best results, merge projects in the Dimensions CM desktop client's Project Merge tool. Or use Dimensions CM streams instead of projects.

The Project Merge option enables you to merge a local project with a project from the repository. The projects must be related by having the same source, such as when the branch of a project is merged into the mainline of development.

The two projects are merged into your local workspace. The merge is performed using the compare and merge capability of Eclipse.

For the pedigree to contain merge transition, Mark as Merged must be selected on a file or files which have already been merged and saved locally. When Mark as Merged is used, the merged files are removed from the merge view.

The merged files are committed to the Dimensions CM repository using the Synchronize with Repository command. The merge is recorded in Dimensions CM only when merge changes are committed to the repository.

Note that there is no lock held on the resources being merged, so other users can make changes to the repository.

To merge projects:

Right-click the project to merge, and select Team > Merge.

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