Operations in compatible work areas

In Eclipse, compatible work areas enable you to use different Dimensions CM clients to perform source control operations, such as file check-in and checkout.

You can also use other Dimensions CM clients to deliver changes and update local work areas.

If you perform source control operations outside Eclipse that change the local files and metadata or change the repository, you must refresh the Eclipse display and internal caches to reflect this. To ensure that the status is current, use the Team > Refresh Status option at the Eclipse project level.

The Eclipse integration uses project-specific upload rules when delivering new files. These rules specify the item type, format and owning design part. The rules are created whenever an Eclipse project is shared with Dimensions CM. Whenever new files are added within the scope of a shared Eclipse project, the original upload rules for that project are used, regardless which client performs the action.

The Eclipse integration does not consider derived resources as candidates for source control. However, when using other Dimensions CM clients, these files may be considered as candidates for source control. The default filter on the Dimensions CM Synchronize wizard excludes common java-derived artifacts such as class, jar, and war files from source control. Take care to exclude these files if you have changed the Synchronize wizard filter or if you are using the command-line interface.

Note: For cross-stream merges, including deletions and file renames/ moves, this operation and the following delivery back to Dimensions CM must be performed completely in either Eclipse or the other Dimensions CM client.

Caution: If you are using Dimensions CM projects, we strongly recommend that you perform check-in operations in the Eclipse integration. Dimensions CM for Eclipse maintains and expects a single line of descent in Dimensions CM projects, which is not supported in other Dimensions CM clients. If you get branches in the item's pedigree in a shared Eclipse project, you need to resolve this to maintain a single tip revision in the Dimensions CM project.

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