Set a default project/stream in Eclipse

You can change the default project or stream for a Dimensions CM connection in the Eclipse IDE.

To set a default project/stream:

  1. From the Dimensions menu, select Dimensions CM Explorer.
  2. Log in to a Dimensions CM repository or add a new connection.
  3. In Dimensions Explorer, right-click the Dimensions CM connection and select Properties.

  4. In the Properties dialog box, click Change next to Default Stream or Project.

  5. In the Selection wizard, specify the selection criteria to narrow down the list of project/streams, and click Next.

    Note: Fields are not case-sensitive. You can use wildcards: an underscore (_) to match one character, and a percent sign (%) or asterisk (*) to match any number of characters.

    Product (Optional) Select the product that owns the project/stream.
    Stream ID

    (Optional) Enter a project/stream ID. Use wildcards to match a set of streams.

    By default, all projects/streams are selected.

    Stream Description (Optional) Enter a project/stream's description. Use wildcards to match a specific description.
    Favorites only (Optional) Select this option to choose only from your favorite projects/streams.
  6. From the list of projects/streams that match your criteria, select a project/stream to set as the default.

  7. Click Finish to close the Selection wizard.

  8. In the Properties dialog box, click Apply and Close.

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