Use Eclipse project containers

An Eclipse project container is a type of Dimensions CM project that can store multiple Eclipse projects. An Eclipse project stored within an Eclipse project container is called a contained project.

Why use project containers

By default, single Eclipse projects are mapped one-to-one with individual Dimensions CM projects. The project container option enables you to override this behavior to nest any number of Eclipse projects under a common Dimensions CM project.

If you have already defined scripts or processes that operate against a nested hierarchy of Eclipse projects, you can continue to maintain that project structure. You can also use project containers to minimize the number of Dimensions CM projects that you must create and maintain.

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When to use one-to-one project mappings

In some scenarios, one-to-one mappings between your Eclipse and Dimensions CM projects are desirable. Consider using one-to-one project mapping in the following cases:

  • If you need to individually baseline each Eclipse project. When you use project containers, you can only baseline all projects contained within the container.

  • If you use the project grouping features to work on specific subsets of Eclipse projects in one workspace. You can use groups with Eclipse project containers, but you must include all projects in the container. You cannot select specific projects from a container.

  • If your teams works on different Eclipse projects that are separate from each other; the one-to-one mapping enables organizations to choose different combinations of development projects as needed using the project grouping features.

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View project containers

When you use project containers, they are displayed in the Dimensions CM Explorer as Eclipse Project Containers.

Derived Dimensions CM projects and baselines are displayed within the project container. Derived baselines are grouped together under a common node within the project container.

Projects mapped directly to Dimensions CM projects are displayed as Single Eclipse Projects.

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