Use Eclipse projects with shared work areas

You can use existing Eclipse projects with shared work areas that exist outside of the Eclipse workspace. For details, see Share work areas with other Dimensions CM clients.

If you have previously set up Eclipse projects with work areas under the Eclipse workspace, or you fetch projects or streams containing Eclipse projects with other Dimensions CM clients, you can still use these projects with shared work areas.

Dimensions CM provides an auto sharing feature that enables you to get existing Eclipse projects and import them to Eclipse.

To import an Eclipse project into Eclipse and share it with Dimensions CM:

  1. In Eclipse, select Window > Preferences.

  2. Expand (Version Control) Team, and select Dimensions CM > Version Management.

  3. Make sure that the Auto share on import option is selected, and click OK.

  4. Using the desktop or command-line clients, download the stream or project that contains the Eclipse projects. Download into any work area that resides outside the Eclipse workspace.

    You can download an entire stream or project, or specific folders containing the Eclipse projects you want to use with the new work areas. Ensure that the Eclipse marker files are included.

  5. In Eclipse, select File > Import.

  6. In the Import dialog box, under General, select Existing Project into Workspace.

  7. Click Next.

  8. In the Import Projects screen, choose the Select root directory option. Enter or browse to select the root directory under which the Eclipse projects you want to import reside. When you import, Eclipse automatically detects and share the projects under this root location.

    Caution: Do not select the Copy projects into workspace option.

  9. (Optional) Select Add project to working sets to add the imported projects to the selected working set.

  10. Click Finish. If prompted, enter Dimensions CM login credentials.

The Eclipse projects are imported and automatically shared with Dimensions CM. You can now work with them in Eclipse, as well as update the files in the work area from other clients such as the desktop or command-line client.

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