Dimensions Explorer in Visual Studio

Dimensions Explorer provides information about your Visual Studio solutions and projects that are under Dimensions CM control.

About Dimensions Explorer

Dimensions Explorer in Visual Studio contains nodes, where each node is a solution context that displays the following details:

  • The solution name
  • The Dimensions CM product and stream or project
  • The repository connection name (if the node is logged in to a repository)

Dimensions Explorer displays views that are applicable to the current context, for example:

  • Streams and projects
  • Requests
  • Changesets
  • Reviews, if OpenText PulseUno is enabled
  • Baselines
  • Outgoing (items that you have modified, added, and deleted)

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Navigate in Dimensions Explorer

Use these tips to navigate in Dimensions Explorer:

  • To open Dimensions Explorer, go to View > Dimensions Explorer in Visual Studio.
  • To create objects, such as requests and baselines, use the New menu.
  • To open a solution or project from a Dimensions CM repository, click Open from Source Control.
  • To view the code in the repository, click Repository Browser.

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