Delete design parts

Remove a design part when it is no longer useful or you have created it in error.

You cannot remove a design part in the following situations:

  • If it is the top-level design part or its variant within the product.

  • If the design part is related to a request.

  • If the design part has child design parts.

  • If the design part owns any items.

  • If the design part is in a baseline.

PRIVILEGES: Delete Design Part.

To delete a design part:

  1. In the My Current Project/Stream pane, click Parts and Items. The Select Product and Design Part to Open dialog box opens.

  2. Select the product and the design part and click Open.

  3. Select one or more design parts.

  4. Select Part > Delete.

  5. In the Delete Design Part dialog box, verify that you selected the correct design parts, and click OK.

    If the change is not visible, select View > Refresh to refresh your current view.

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