Use shortcuts

Use shortcut keys to access menu commands and quickly navigate through dialog boxes. You can also use keyboard shortcuts for common Dimensions CM commands.

Tip: To quickly access the most common object commands, you can use the right-click menu. In a content window, right-click an object, and select a command from the list.

To access menu commands using shortcuts:

  • To access a menu command, hold down ALT and enter the underlined letter in each menu and submenu for the command.

    For example, to select File > New > New Item, press ALT+F+N+I.

  • To navigate a dialog box using the keyboard, press TAB to move focus to the next control, or press ALT and enter the underlined letter in the control name.

  • To access a command using a keyboard shortcut, enter a shortcut from the following table.

    Shortcut Result
    Shift+Del Cut the selected text.
    Ctrl+Ins Copy the selected text to the clipboard.
    Shift+Ins Paste the clipboard contents.
    F1 Open the Help system.
    F2 Toggle the Navigation window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F2 Open the Project Structure window.
    F3 Toggle the Console window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F3 Open the Items Inbox window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F4 Open the Item Catalog window.
    F5 Refresh the current window.
    Shift+F5 Refresh all open windows.
    Ctrl+Shift+F5 Open the Design Part window.
    F6 Move focus to the next content window.
    Shift+F6 Move focus to the previous content window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F6 Open the Request Catalog window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F7 Open the Requests Inbox window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F8 Open the Projects/Streams Catalog window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F9 Open the Baselines window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F10 Open the Baseline Catalog window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F11 Open the Release Catalog window.
    Ctrl+Shift+F12 Open the Customer Catalog window.
    Ctrl+A Select all the objects in an object list.
    Ctrl+B Preview the selected request.
    Ctrl+C Copy the selection to the clipboard.
    Ctrl+D Add a request action description to the selected requests.
    Ctrl+Shift+D Delegate the selected requests.
    Ctrl+Shift+F Toggle full screen view on and off.
    Ctrl+G Get the selected items.
    Ctrl+H View the history of selected requests.
    Ctrl+Shift+H View the history of selected items.
    Ctrl+I Check in the selected items.
    Ctrl+L Log out.
    Ctrl+O Check out the selected items.
    Ctrl+P Print the contents of the Console window.
    Ctrl+Shift+P Display the Properties window.
    Ctrl+R Show users and roles for the selected requests.
    Ctrl+Shift+R Show users and roles for the selected items.
    Ctrl+S Save the contents of the Console window to a file.
    Ctrl+T Action the selected requests.
    Ctrl+Shift+T Action the selected items.
    Ctrl+U Update the selected items.
    Ctrl+V Paste the clipboard contents.
    Ctrl+W Change the project.
    Ctrl+Shift+W Change the project root folder.
    Ctrl+X Cut the selected text to the clipboard.
    Ctrl+1/2/3/4/... Switch to the first, second, third, fourth, or the Nth tab while focus on the Related Items pane.

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