View object properties

Use the Properties window to get a quick view of the basic attributes of a selected object.

The attributes in the Properties window can be customized using the Properties tab of the Customize dialog box. For details, see Customize the Properties dialog box.

To view object properties:

  1. In an object list or object tree, select an object.

  2. Select View > Properties.

  3. Customize the position of the Properties window:

    Float the Properties window above the main window. Click the Pin button. If you press the Shift key when selecting the Properties menu item, the Properties window is opened already in Float mode.
    Dock the Properties window to the main window.

    Right-click the Properties window and select Docking view.

    To undock the Properties window, right-click it and clear Docking view.

    Keep the Properties window open above all windows in all open applications. Right-click the Properties window and select Always on top.
    Open an additional Properties window for the same object. Right-click the Properties window and select Clone Dialog.
  4. When finished, click Close.

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