Work in the Pedigree window

Use the Pedigree window to view how objects are related in time and origin.

About the Pedigree window

In the Pedigree window, you can view the history of an object and the objects created from it.

For items, the Pedigree window displays how item revisions are related in time and origin. For example, you can see which revision was used to create a new branch.

Note: Dimensions CM may create pseudo merge entries in the pedigree. This may occur, for example, when a revision is created in a branch from a revision on another branch, and then the next revision is created from a revision on a different branch.

For baselines and projects/streams, the Pedigree window displays how projects/streams, baselines, and releases are related in time and origin. For example, you can see which projects were included in a baseline and which baseline was used to create a release. The Pedigree window also displays which releases were forwarded to a customer.

The Pedigree window contains the following icons:

Icon Description
pdg_icn_itm.gif  Item revision.
  Item revision currently checked out.
  Item revision does not belong to current project/stream.
  Project or stream.

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View the pedigree of objects

You can view the pedigree of items, projects, and baselines with related releases. You can also select an object to perform tasks with it, for example, check it out.

To open the Pedigree window:

  • In an Items list, select an item, and select Item > Pedigree.

  • In a Projects and streams list, select a project/stream, and select Project > Pedigree or Stream > Pedigree.

  • In a Baselines list, select a baseline, and select Baseline > Pedigree.

To save a pedigree display as a file:

  1. In the Pedigree window, click the Save button on the toolbar.

  2. In the Save Pedigree Display dialog box, select the folder in which you want to save the file and enter the file name.

  3. Click Save.

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Customize the Pedigree window

You can change how the Pedigree window is displayed.

To customize the Pedigree window, use the toolbar buttons:

Button Action
pedigree_fr.gif Resize the pedigree to fit the window.
pedigree_mr.gif Magnify or reduce the pedigree.
pedigree_bg.gif Show or hide the window background.
pedigree_tc.gif Change the color of the text.
pedigree_lc.gif Change the color of the connecting lines.
pedigree_sa.gif Show or hide the time and branch axes.
pedigree_fa.gif Switch the time axis and branch axis.
pedigree_sl.gif Select all objects.
pedigree_clear_all.gif Clear all objects.
pedigree_ln.gif Use straight connecting lines.
pedigree_ln_rounded.gif Use rounded connecting lines.
pedigree_ln_arc.gif Use arc connecting lines.

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