Work in console window

Use the console window to enter Dimensions CM commands. You can also view the commands that are sent to the Dimensions CM server as the result of your actions in the desktop client, and view the results of those commands.

Run commands in console window

Whenever you perform an action that causes a command to be processed by the Dimensions CM database, the command is displayed in the console window. By default, the console window is hidden.

For details about Dimensions CM commands, see the Command-Line Reference.

To enter commands in the console window:

  1. To open the console window, select View > Console.

  2. To enter a single-line command, click in the window and enter the command syntax.

    To enter a multiline command, press CTRL+Enter to start a new line.

    To redisplay the previous command, enter a period (.).

    To copy and paste a command from elsewhere in the Console window, use CTRL+C or CTRL+Insert to copy the command, and CTRL+V or SHIFT+Insert to paste it.

    To insert the contents of a command file, enter an at sign (@) followed by the name of the file.

  3. To submit commands, press the Enter key.

  4. To clear the contents of the window, click the Clear button.

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Save the contents in console window

You can copy, save, or print the contents displayed in the console window.

To save or print the contents of the console window:

  • To copy the contents to the Windows clipboard, select text, and click Copy.

  • To save the contents to a file, click Save. In the Save As dialog box, navigate to the folder where you want to save the file, enter a file name, and click Save.

  • To print the contents, click Print.

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Move console window

You can move the position of the console window.

To move the console window:

  • To float the window above the main window, press CTRL, and drag the Console window title bar away from its location at the top or bottom of the main window.

  • To dock the window, drag it above or below the main window.

  • To float the window in the main window together with the other windows, right-click and select Float in Main Window. This option is disabled if Workspace tab Mode in the User Interface tab of the Preferences dialog box is set to tab per window.

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