Merge from baseline or stream version

If the latest (tip) stream version is not stable, or has not been tested, you can merge from a baseline or an earlier version of a stream.

Merge from a stream version

Stream versions are automatically created every time a delivery is made to a repository. In this use case version 2 of the child feature stream is merged into the mainline and not the latest (tip) version (#3):


When you select a source stream in the Merge wizard, do one of the following in the Merge changes from this stream box:

  • Click Select. In the Select Stream dialog box click Select and use the Changesets dialog box to select a stream version.

  • Enter the stream ID and version number in this format:


    For example:


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Merge from a baseline

You can merge from any release baseline. The process is identical to merging from a stream version, described above, except that you:

  • Choose the option Merge a baseline into a stream at the start of the wizard.

  • Specify the baseline ID instead of the stream ID and version.

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