Options dialog box

Use this dialog box to customize the Project Merge Tool and set startup options.

Use the General tab to set the fonts, background, and startup options.

See Colors tab for how to customize the colors you see for additions, modifications, deletions, and conflicts.

See Fields tab for how to view additional information about the folder in the content window.

General tab

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Font Name

Shows the font.

This field is blank if you are using the default font.


Shows the font style.

The default is Regular (recommended).


Shows the font size.

The default is 8 pt.

Font button

Click to select a new font, style, and size.


Background Bitmap

Enter a bitmap file name, or click the browse button to select one.


Auto Merge

Select to add non-conflicting objects to the target automatically.

If this is not selected, you must select the objects you want in the target.

Expand Whole Tree

Select to expand the tree structure in the content window when Project Merge Tool is launched.


Restore Window Positions

Select to restore the position of the main window and the docking state for the ancestor and target columns when Project Merge Tool is launched.


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