Include and exclude files and folders

You can use wildcard expressions to specify files to be excluded and/or included when you run the update, deliver, and merge operations.

Example: If your stream contains a compiled project, and the compiled sources and executables are in a folder called debug, use the filter *\debug to exclude the folder from all deliveries.

You can use the following wildcard characters in expressions:

Character Description
* Matches a complete folder tree, or a file anywhere in the folder tree.
? Matches any single character.
| Joins or concatenates multiple expressions.

Examples of exclusion filters:

build/bar.obj|build/bar.exe Explicitly excludes the files bar.obj and bar.exe in the folder build.
obj/* Excludes all files and subfolders recursively beneath the folder obj.
*.obj|*.exe Excludes all files with the extension .obj and .exe.
build/*.obj|build/*.exe Excludes files with the extension .obj and .exe in the build folder and its subfolders.
build/logs Excludes the folder build/logs.

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