Rehome work areas

Rehome is a quick way to switch the contents of a work area from one stream to another. Rehome fetches any content into your current work area so that it matches the stream you are rehoming to.

Rehome guidelines

When you rehome a work area on a local machine, the system automatically detects the folder to be rehomed instead of the entire work area. Automatic detection is not supported on work areas on remote machines using the following syntax:


Guideline and behaviors:

  • Rehome fetches any required content into your existing work area so that it matches the stream you are rehoming to.

  • Rehome avoids the need to fetch to a clean work area when switching to a different stream and is faster.

  • Rehome preserves locally modified files and new files, for example, built outputs.

  • Rehome is ideal for use with topic streams as switching work is easier.

  • Rehome works for any stream, not just topic streams.

  • Rehome works even if your work area is not up to date with the tip of the stream.

  • If rehoming fails because of conflicting changes between the local content and the target stream, we recommend using a clean work area.

  • You cannot rehome just a subfolder if the parent work area contains other controlled items that are not in the selected sub-folder.

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Rehome a work area

You can rehome a remote work area by leaving the field empty or manually entering a folder path.

To rehome a work area:

  1. In the desktop client, open a regular or topic stream.

  2. From the Stream menu, select Rehome.

  3. Select a stream or project.

  4. (Optional) Specify a folder to rehome instead of the entire work area.

  5. Click Rehome.

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Rehome scenario

The following example describes a simple scenario with rehoming a work area.

  1. Amy is working on the stream Feature_1. She has made changes locally and delivered them to a Dimensions CM repository.


  2. A request for a change comes in, and Amy starts work on it by creating a new topic stream.


  3. Amy needs a work area for the topic stream development work. She could fetch to a new local folder, but this may be slow, as it fetches all the files from the topic stream.

    Instead, Amy rehomes her existing work area. The work area is updated, so it is now associated with the topic stream instead of the feature stream.


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