Ignore unwanted files

Use these methods to exclude unwanted files, such as object files, from synchronization/deliver:

  • Manually select all the files for exclusion on the files & folders page.

    If, for example, all your executables are in one folder, you can select the folder to be ignored. The disadvantage is that you have to remember to do this every time.

  • Use the exclusions filter.

    For example, to exclude the folder Debug and files with a .bak extension, you enter (on the first page):


  • Clear the additions option on the first page.

    If most of your changes are modifications, and you don't normally have many additions, you can clear the additions checkbox on the first page. This selects all additions to be ignored. On the second page, you can click the Unhide Ignored button, and then select the new files you want to add to change the ignore setting for those files (you can select multiple files).

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