Include and exclude expressions

This topic describes wildcards and examples of standard expressions that you can use to include or exclude files during the synchronization.

Example: If your project contains a project of your own that you compile, and the compiled sources and executables are in your own folder called debug, you can use the filter *\debug. This ensures that your compiled sources and executables do not get synchronized and avoids the necessity to ignore these files each time a synchronization runs.

You can use the following wildcard characters in include/exclude expressions:

* Matches any number of characters.
? Matches any single character.
| Used to join or concatenate multiple expressions.
\ Used as the separator for folders regardless of whether the files are on a Widows or UNIX platform.

The following table provides examples of exclude expressions.

Expression Description
build\bar.obj|build\bar.exe Explicitly excludes both bar.obj and bar.exe files in the folder build.
*.obj|*.exe Excludes all files with .obj and .exe extensions.
build\*.obj|build\*.exe Excludes files with .obj and .exe extensions in the folder build.
build\logs Excludes files in the build\logs folder.

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