Limitations and known issues

This topic lists the limitations and known issues in the Dimensions CM Git Client.


The following features and functionality are not supported:

  • Projects (only streams are supported).
  • CAC user authentication on Linux.
  • The Git ls-remote feature.

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Known issues

Known issues in the Dimensions CM Git Client latest release:

  • If you use the dimensionshttps or dimensionshttpscac Dimensions CM Git Client protocol with Dimensions CM 14.7 server, you need to update Git configuration files in the git-core folder.

    1. Open the git-core folder.

      Depending on your operating system and the installation path, the location of the git-core folder can be %GIT_HOME%\mingw64\libexec\git-core or /usr/libexec/git-core.

    2. In the the git-core folder, open the start-git-client and git-dm files and find the following line:

      JAVA_OPTS="-Dapple.awt.UIElement=true -Xmx1024m ${DEBUG_JAVA_OPTS}

    3. Replace the line with the following:


      JAVA_OPTS="-Dapple.awt.UIElement=true -Xmx1024m ${DEBUG_JAVA_OPTS} ${TLS_JAVA_OPTS}"

  • Unable to clone a stream and all child streams using Visual Studio Code IDE (ENH328802).
  • Unable to clone from Visual Studio if the user HOME directory is the root of a drive (DEF329679).
  • To use the Git Jenkins plugin, you must disable the ls-remote polling mechanism. Select the Force polling using workspace option in your Jenkins job configuration.
  • If two branches have conflicting changes that have been pushed, the rebase of those branches fails. Merge the branches instead.
  • When working with topic requests, for any new topic branch you create, you need to check out the topic branch before pushing it to the repository.

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