Uninstall the Git Client

This topic describes how to uninstall the Dimensions CM Git Client and clean up the installer repository.

Uninstall on Windows

Depending on your Windows version, uninstall the Git Client from the Apps & features or Programs and Features control panel.

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Uninstall on Linux and Mac

Run the file Change Dimensions CM Git Client Installation located in:

“[installdir]/Git/_Dimensions CM Git Client_installation”

If there are spaces in the path, insert a backslash before each space, for example:

/opt/opentext/git/_Dimensions\ CM\ Git\ Client_installation/Change\ Dimensions\ CM\ Git\ Client\ Installation

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Clean up the installer repository

  1. Open the installer repository .com.zerog.registry.xml file located in:
    • Windows: Program Files/Zero G Registry folder. This is a hidden folder that you need to make visible.
    • UNIX/Linux: § Root user - /var/ or § Non-root user - $HOME/
    • macOS Server: /library/preferences/
  2. Delete this section:

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    <product name="Dimensions CM Git Client"....

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