Action Baseline Items dialog box

Use this dialog box to move one or more items in a baseline to a new lifecycle state.

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Baseline Specification

The specification of the selected baseline.


Item Specification Filter

Enter the specification of the items that you want to action.

Use wildcards to select multiple item specifications:

  • Use an underscore (_) to match exactly one character. For example, d_g matches dog or dig.

  • Use an asterisk (*) or percent sign (%) to match any number of characters. For example, d*g matches dog or drag or dreaming.

Item specifications have the following format:


New Status

Select a lifecycle status, or leave blank.

If you leave this field blank, Dimensions CM actions the items to the next normal state in their lifecycles.

If you select a status, check that it is common to all the items.

Action Description

Enter a comment.

This field is optional. If you leave the field blank, Dimensions CM enters the following default comment:

Item actioned from <previous status> to <new status>

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