Merge from baseline into stream

You can merge changes from a baseline into the latest version of a target stream.

To merge changes from a baseline:

  1. In the web client, open the Baselines view, select a baseline, and click Merge from Baseline.

    Or open the My Current Stream view, select a stream, and click Merge. In the Merge wizard select Merge a baseline into a stream and click Next.

    The Merge Baseline wizard opens.

  2. If you opened the merge from a baseline, the Merge changes from the baseline box displays the baseline ID. This is the source for the merge.

    To select a different baseline, click Select and use the Select Baseline dialog box to select a product and baseline. Or enter the baseline ID in this format: PRODUCT:BASELINE_NAME.

  3. The Merge changes into this target stream box displays the name of the stream from which you opened the merge. To select a different target stream, do one of the following:

    • Click Select and select one of the options in the Select Stream dialog box.

      If you select Another stream, do one of the following:

      • Start typing the ID of a stream. Streams that contain any characters in the string are displayed. For example, to find QLARIUS:VS_BRANCHA, type vs.

      • Select a stream from the list. Favorite streams and recently used streams are displayed at the top.

        Click OK.

    • Enter the stream ID in this format: PRODUCT:STREAM_NAME.

      For example: QLARIUS:JAVA_BRANCHA

      Note: You can merge only into the latest version of the target stream.

  4. Continue from the Merge using this work area option in Merge from one stream to another.

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