Select Requirement wizard (page 2 of 2)

Use this wizard to select requirements when relating them to selected requests.

The second page of the wizard displays the requirements that match the criteria you entered on the first page of the wizard. From these results, you select requirements, which you then see in the dialog box from which you originally launched the wizard.

Some operations allow only a single requirement to be selected. These operations display radio buttons, rather than checkboxes, in the first column.

Select Requirement wizard - page 2

Field Description
Container Name

(Display only) The container name.

Existing relationships do not have a container name associated with them.

Class (Display only) The requirement class.
ID (Display only) The requirement ID.
Object ID (Display only) The requirement object ID.
Title (Display only) The requirement title.
RM Project (Display only) The associated Dimensions RM project.
RM Database (Display only) The associated Dimensions RM database.
RM URL (Display only) The associated RM Browser URL.
Container Type (Display only) The type of container: baseline, collection, document, or snapshot.
Status (Display only) The status of the requirement.
Originator (Display only) The Dimensions RM user who originator of the requirement.
Create date (Display only) The date this requirement was created.
Update date (Display only) The date of the last change to this requirement.

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