Customers tab

Use the Customers tab of the Manage Releases dialog box to create, edit, view, and delete customers and to forward releases to customers or withdraw releases from customers.

Customers tab

Field Description Rules and guidelines

New new_customer_button.gif

Click to create a new customer.


Open open_customer_button.gif

Click to view or edit the selected customer.

Opens the Open Customer dialog box.

Delete Delete_button.gif

Click to delete the selected release(s).


Forward to Customers forward_release_button.gif

Click to forward one or more release(s) to the selected customers.



Select an option to choose which customers are displayed.

The default is All Customers.


Click to display the list of customers in a browser window.

The HTML list can be printed or saved as a file.


Click to display the list of customers as a list of comma-separated values.

The .csv list can be saved as a text file.

Select column heading select_all_button.gif

Click to select or clear all the customers.


Select checkbox

Select to include a customer.



The name of the customer.

Click the link to display the Open Customer dialog box for the customer.



The location of the customer.

Display only.


The customer

Display only.


The customer contact details.

Display only.


Any additional comments relating to the customer.

Display only.

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