Undo changes in streams

You can roll back the delivery of files and folders to a stream.

For example, you deliver changes but discover problems in the code and decide to remove the changes. Undo creates a new changeset with the reverted changes that preserves the full history.

Guidelines for undoing changes:

  • This operation requires the same privileges as deliver.
  • This operation undoes an entire changeset, not individual item revisions.
  • The original request relationships are not undone.
  • This operation makes changes only in a repository and does not affect the items in a work area.
  • After completing an undo, to synchronize your work area with the repository, run an update.
  • You can run undo at any location as long as the changeset does not affect items further up the hierarchy.
  • You can undo only a single changeset.
  • If items in a changeset have more recent changes in a newer changeset, you cannot undo it.

Example: Assume that changeset 14 has the item revision f.txt revision #2, and that changeset 13 has the previous version of the same item, f.txt revision #1.

If you undo changeset 14, the revision in changeset 13 becomes the tip revision, and a new changeset, 15, is created with the change: f.txt revision #1.

To undo changes in a stream:

  1. To undo an entire changeset, select a stream or project.

    To undo a specific set of changes, select a folder.

  2. On the toolbar, click Changesets.

  3. In the Changesets dialog box, select a changeset.

  4. On the toolbar, click Undo stream/project version.

  5. (Optional) Select requests to relate to the change and add a comment.

  6. Click Finish.

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