Update work areas from requests

You can update a work area with changes from requests. The operation is similar to updating a work area from a stream.

To update a work area from a request:

  1. In the web client, set your current stream and associated work area to the required stream and area. For details, see Open streams and set defaults.

  2. In the Requests view, select the requests to use for updating your work area, and click Update from request on the toolbar.

  3. In the Update Work Area from Request wizard, specify the following details:

    Field Description

    Update changes from this stream

    Displays the name of the stream from which you invoked the update.

    For details on how to update a work area from a stream, see Update work areas from streams.

    Update changes from the request(s)

    Displays the requests you selected for updating your work area.

    To add more change requests, enter request IDs separated with a comma. To specify different requests, click Select and use the Request Selection wizard to specify a product and change requests.

    Note: The selected requests must contain changes delivered to the same stream.

    Update this work area

    Displays the work area to be updated.

    Accept your current work area, or select a different work area to update.

    Perform an interactive update Keep this option selected to interactively (manually) review the changes before applying them to the work area.
    Also include items related to child requests Keep this option selected to include item revisions related to child Dimensions CM requests.
  4. Continue to set advanced options, run an update, and resolve conflicts, as described in Update work areas from streams.

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