Check In dialog box

Use this dialog box to check in items.

Use the General tab to specify the source of the items.

For a single item, see the Attributes tab/page for details on how to edit the item's user-defined attributes.

General tab

Field Description Rules and guidelines

Check In from Directory

Type, or accept, the name of the path and folder containing the item(s) to check in, or click the Browse button to find it.

By default, items are checked in from the subfolder in your work area that corresponds to the project folder of each item.

Include Subdirectories

Select to check in all items in all subdirectories.

This field is displayed only if you have selected a folder.

If Workfile is Unchanged

Select Check in or Undo Check Out.


After Check In

To leave a copy of the file in your work area, select Leave workfile as read only.

To delete the file in your work area, select Delete workfile.


Enter a description for the changes that you are checking in.


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