Create multiple items

To create a number of items, add files in your work area to a project/stream in Dimensions CM.

The most straightforward way to do this is to have the project root folder set to a folder in your work area and upload (deliver) the new files from a folder structure beneath that folder that corresponds to their required location in the project.

For streams, you add new items by performing a deliver from a work area to which new files have been added.

To create multiple items from files in your work area:

  1. Copy the item files to one or more folders in your work area corresponding to where you want them to belong within the project/stream folder structure. For details, see About projects.

  2. In the web client, select the required project. Ensure that your Project Default Design Part, Project Default Request, and Project Default Branch are set to the required values if necessary. For details, see Open projects and set defaults.

  3. In the My Current Project view or Items view, in the navigation pane, select the project folder where you want to add the items, and click the Deliver button. The Deliver Items wizard opens.

  4. In the Deliver Items wizard, specify the following options:

    • To deliver files located in subfolders of the selected folder, select Include contents of subdirectories in deliver.

    • Make sure Include items in deliver that do not currently exist in Dimensions is selected.

    • Enter a Revision Description to use for the new items.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Verify that the files in the Project paths of items to be created list are correct. Clear any items you do not want to be updated.

  7. Click Finish.

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