Get copies of items

Get a copy of an item revision so you can view it without checking it out.

When you get a copy of an item revision, Dimensions CM leaves the revision in its current state (checked in or checked out) and creates a read-only copy in your work area.

You can also add an entire folder in the form of a directory item. When you get a copy of a directory item, the subfolders and items contained within it are expanded and copied to their relative locations in your work area.

PRIVILEGES: Browse Item.

Note: In Windows, the maximum supported length of file path for a gotten file in the work area is 260 characters.

To get copies of items:

  1. In the My Current Project view or Items view, in the navigation pane, select the project folder in which the items are located.

  2. To get copies of individual items, select one or more items.

    To get a copy of the entire project folder, do not select any items.

  3. Click the Get Copy button.

  4. If you selected a single item: For Place Copy in location, enter the full path of the file in your work area to which you want the file to be copied, or use the browse button to select it.

    If you selected multiple items or a project folder: For Place copies in folder or Copy contents of, enter the full path of the folder in your work area to which you want to copy the file or folder, or browse to find it.

  5. Select the options you require for the files that are to be copied:

    • Select Get copy only if file modified timestamp is later to overwrite workfiles only when the file-modified timestamp on the revision in the repository is later than the file-modified timestamp on the file in the work area.

    Note: Dimensions metadata already optimizes the processing of revisions and files that do not need to be updated, so normally you should not check this check box.

    • For If writeable workfile exists, choose between Overwrite and Don’t Overwrite.

    • Select Expand substitution variables to perform item header substitution.

    • If you have selected a project folder and you want to get copies of the contents of its subfolders, select Include subdirectories of <name>.

    • If you do not want Dimensions CM to write metadata files to the work area for the copied files/folders, clear Write Metadata.

  6. Click OK.

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