Show Differences dialog box

In the Show Differences dialog box, compare two or more items in the merge tool.

Note: If you have not selected the Install native components option, Dimensions CM displays an error message when attempting to open the merge tool.

General tab

Field Description


Select revisions of this item to compare.

  • To remove a revision, click its Minus button.

  • To add a revision, click Add revision and select one from the list.


Enter a path and file name of a workfile to compare to the item revision(s), or click the browse button to find a workfile.

  • To remove a workfile, click its Minus button.

  • To add a workfile, click Add workfile.


Select the item revision or workfile to be the ancestor when comparing the item revisions.

This field is displayed when you add a second Revision or Workfile field.

Ignore white space

Ignore spaces and tabs when comparing lines between items and workfiles.

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