Change management

In Dimensions CM, you manage changes using requests. Requests enable you to plan, track, authorize, and control all work on the product.

Requests overview

A request in Dimensions CM represents a change request made against a product or part of a product. A request may capture a defect, enhancement, or other work that needs to be completed on items that belong to the product.

For each type of internal request, the process model includes:

  • A project-organization-specific layout and format.

  • System-defined and user-defined attributes.

  • Rules on behavior and relationships between request types and item types.

  • A lifecycle that maps the organization's process for handling the request type.

You can use default Dimensions CM requests, or you can connect other request providers, such as Atlassian Jira or OpenText ALM Octane. This way, you can relate external requests, work items, or issues to item revisions in Dimensions CM. For details, see Configure request providers.

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Change management tasks

To manage changes, you perform the following tasks:

  • Create a request.

  • Relate requests to items, baselines, other requests, and design parts.

  • Relate an item to a request.

  • Edit request attributes.

  • Add an action description to a request, or edit an existing description.

  • Add attachments to requests, or edit an existing attachments list.

  • Action a request to remove it from your inbox.

  • Delegate or request ownership of a request to or from another Dimensions CM site.

  • Move a request to a different design part.

  • Preview and print the contents of a request.

  • View the action history and revision history of a request.

  • View the users, roles, and privileges for a request.

Note: You can also merge the changes associated with a request into a stream. For details, see Merge from one stream to another.

For details about managing Dimensions CM requests, see the following sections:

Web client: Use Dimensions CM requests to manage changes
Desktop client: Use Dimensions CM requests to manage changes

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