Process build jobs

When a build runs in a deployment area, the search path sequence is:

  1. The area where the build is being performed.

  2. All areas specified in the build configuration that are at the same or a higher stage in the GSL as the as the area's stage, and which reside on the same area node.

If the build runs in a work area, and the DM_SP_START_STAGE build template symbol has a value, the search path consists of the work area, followed by all stages at the same or higher stages as DM_SP_START_STAGE, and which reside on the same area node. In both cases, the search path is in increasing stage order, although the precise order may vary within the stage.

By default, a work area is never locked and a deployment area is always locked. The BLD command qualifier [NO]LOCK_SEARCH_PATH enables you to control the locking of all areas in the search path in addition to the build area (for both deployment and work area builds).


  • For details about the DM_SP_START_STAGE build template symbol, see the API reference.

  • For details about the BLD command and the [NO]LOCK_SEARCH_PATH qualifier, see the Command-Line Reference.

  • A check for whether two areas are on the same system is performed in terms of the area node, irrespective if this is a physical or a logical name. The logical name defines the system on which the build is being performed.

  • Any deployment operation performed for a particular user session is single threaded. Two builds from two build commands issued one after the other run serially. Similarly, a deployment, followed by a build, followed by a deployment to the same area, followed by another build run serially.

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