Recommended deployment methods

Follow these guidelines and recommendations when deploying objects.

Deploy requests

We recommend that you deploy using requests for the following reasons:

  • You can group all files together in a single parent request and promote and deploy the request through the GSL. Grouping ensures that all the items related to a change are progressed through the lifecycle and development areas together and no items are left behind.

  • Refactoring is fully supported only by requests.

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Deploy items

Although you can deploy items, there are a few disadvantages, most notably no grouping. For example, if you change multiple files, without a parent request you have to remember to always keep the files together when you move them through the GSL. This method is error-prone, as it is easy to forget to promote and deploy some files.

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Deploy baselines

Take into account the following limitations when deploying baselines:

  • A baseline that contains refactoring changes does not apply the changes to deployment areas.

  • You cannot create a baseline from a deployment area, but you can build the area.

  • You cannot promote, demote, deploy, or roll back non-release baselines.

  • You can promote, demote, deploy, and roll back baselines only from root projects (subprojects are not supported).

  • A baseline cannot be deleted if it is currently promoted beyond the first stage in the GSL.

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