Before running the scenarios, complete the following prerequisite steps:

  • Install the Windows Explorer integration (in the installer this is listed as the Windows Explorer Shell Extension).

  • Install the Java Development Kit on the Dimensions CM server machine (required to build the Java code).

  • Install Apache Ant on the Dimensions CM server machine (required to perform builds).

  • Set the build options ANT_HOME and JAVA_HOME to the location where you installed Ant and Java:

    1. Log in to the Dimensions CM Administration Console.

    2. In the Administration Console, select Distributed Development > Build administration.

    3. In the navigation pane, expand Dimensions Projects > QLARIUS:JAVA_BRANCHA_STR.

    4. Select the build configuration ANT_JAVA_BUILD, and click Check Out on the toolbar.

    5. Expand the Build Areas node.

    6. Select the LCL_DEV_JBRNCHA_AREA03 build area.

    7. In the content pane, on the Build Options tab, select the build option ANT-HOME, and click Edit on the toolbar.

    8. In the Value field, enter the path to the Ant installation.

    9. Click OK.

    10. Repeat steps 7–9 for the JAVA-HOME build option.

    11. On the toolbar, click Check In.

    12. Log out of the Administration Console.

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